Monte Anderson | Monte
Computer Science Major, runs the CU CS:GO team and the uLoL team. Likes CS:GO.
Kyle Appelquist | Appel
Vice President
Marketing Major, runs Smash @ CU every week. Streams often on Twitch.
Jack Callahan | Verttex
Vice President
Strategic Communications. He runs this website, as well as many other things that keep the club working. Owns too many board games, plays too much pool.
Ian Hales | PhantomDeuce
Faculty Advisor
Teaches Web Design at CU.
Connor Radeloff | Meigs2
Chief Production Manager
Computer Science. Does a lot of the background work for the streams and creation of media in the club. Likes clicking circles to the beat.


Nicholas Altman | HyyDee
Rocket League Team Coordinator
Finance '20. Rocket League Fanatic. In his spare time he plays tennis and guitar. Loves following professional Basketball, Football, and Baseball, yet somehow doesn't watch soccer.
Josh Baker | Oxbudy
Meme Connoisseur
Really swell guy. Cheats at Super Smash though. Made this.
Jason Herron | ElJaso
Chemical Engineering. Plays not enough Overwatch.
Daniel Hong | Azea
Overwatch Team Coordinator
Computer Science. Streams here. Plays too much Overwatch.
Brooks Filippin | trechainz
Operations Management '19. Project management and administrative work. He helps around the house and offers advice where he can. He's a sheep hoarder in CATAN and he'll always let you know it.
Rafe Kossak | BassHead
HOTS Team Manager
Psychology / Human Geography Double major, 2019. 31-year-old Veteran, Wildland Firefighter, Competitive Gamer. Hoping to work his way into community development and gaming psychology. Engaged to be married.


Jacob Albarian | Monsoon
Technology, Art, and Media. Plays a ton of Overwatch and helps with media design and creation.
Colin Lanphear | Wise Wolf
Sophomore at CU and aspiring Game Designer.
Jo Weber | Solo
Undecided, Makes a lot of bad photo edits. A really passionate casual.


Simon Furney | Firrefly
League of Legends Caster
Economics/Political Science major. Pokemon, Running, and Movies in that order.
Jason Toennis | Anonymousginger
League of Legends Caster
Theatre Major, Actor, Nerd, Sunburns Easily and Often


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