Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm, HotS for short, brings together all of your favorite Blizzard characters to battle within the world of the Nexus. Heroes like Azeroth’s Jaina Proudmore and Uther Lightbringer square off with with villians like Kel’ Thuzad, Gul’Dan, and Diablo; and, Tracer, Lucio and other members of the Overwatch force show up to throw down with Jim Raynor, Kerrigan, Zeratul and many of the greatest Starcraft legends. Even The Lost Vikings somehow manage to find their way into the nexus. With 70 current heroes that have multiple talent build paths and 15 unique maps each with their own objective mechanics, HotS offers up variety far beyond the popular single map MOBAs like DotA or LoL.

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The Heroes of the Storm Training Grounds consists of eight (8) weekly game assignments, with teams choosing to opt in to either zero (0) or two (2) best-of-three matches per week. Every Monday, the requested number of matches will be assigned to teams. Each match is assigned a default match time, which will take place during one of two time slots on the following Sunday. Matches can be played earlier if both Team Managers or Captains agree and they document the agreement in writing (for e.g. a screenshot of the in-game chat, email, etc.).

Each Wednesday, teams registered on Compete will be sent a match opt-in email for the following week that must be completed by Sunday. Submitting an opt-in email enters the team into two (2) best-of-three matches. Failure to Opt-in by the deadline will result in no matches being assigned. Failure to play two (2) matches for two (2) consecutive weeks will result in point decay.

Sunday Default Time Slots:
Each weekly tournament will have Sunday designated as the default time for matches to be played. Please coordinate with your opponent to play your matches either before or by the default times listed.

  • Game 1 Slot
    Sunday, 3:00 PM PDT
  • Game 2 Slot
    Sunday, 4:30 PM PDT

Week 1

Week 1 Match Opt-in Sign-up Sep 20th

Week 1 Match Opt-in Due Sep 24th 11:59pm PDT

Matches Assigned Sep 25th

Matches Default Time Oct 1st

Week 2

Week 2 Match Opt-in Sign-up Sep 27th

Week 2 Match Opt-in Due Oct 1st 11:59pm PDT

Matches Assigned Oct 2nd

Matches Default Time Oct 8th

Week 3

Week 3 Match Opt-in Sign-up Oct 4th

Week 3 Match Opt-in Due Oct 8th 11:59pm PDT

Matches Assigned Oct 9th

Matches Default Time Oct 15th

Week 4

Week 4 Match Opt-in Sign-up Oct 11th

Week 4 Match Opt-in Due Oct 15th 11:59pm PDT

Matches Assigned Oct 16th

Matches Default Time Oct 22nd

Week 5

Week 5 Match Opt-in Sign-up Oct 18th

Week 5 Match Opt-in Due Oct 22nd 11:59pm PDT

Matches Assigned Oct 23rd

Matches Default Time Oct 29th

Week 6

Week 6 Match Opt-in Sign-up Oct 25th

Week 6 Match Opt-in Due Oct 29th 11:59pm PDT

Matches Assigned Oct 30th

Matches Default Time Nov 5th

Week 7

Week 7 Match Opt-in Sign-up Nov 1st

Week 7 Match Opt-in Due Nov 5th 11:59pm PDT

Matches Assigned Nov 6th

Matches Default Time Nov 12th

Week 8

Week 8 Match Opt-in Sign-up Nov 8th

Week 8 Match Opt-in Due Nov 12th 11:59pm PDT

Matches Assigned Nov 13th

Matches Default Time Nov 19th

The collegiate scene, fueled by Tespa, includes a major annual tournament called “Heroes of the Dorm”, in which teams compete for a grand prize of $400,000 in College scholarships. Last year’s team from the University of Colorado at Boulder swept the initial round of over 360 college teams, made it through the initial elimination round, and finally met their match losing to Louisiana State University in the round of 64. LSU would end up finishing the tournament in second place, losing only to the undefeated University of Texas at Arlington.

This year, the CU team is looking to practice and compete in Tespa’s new fall league “The Training Grounds,” in order to prepare for the Heroes of the Dorm Tournament in the spring, gain notoriety, and score some Blizzard currency which can be used towards anything in the Blizzard store or supported games.

Do you believe you have what it takes to compete at the top collegiate level? Can you work well with a team? Do you take and give advice with grace and acceptance? Are you willing to learn, advance, and commit to putting forth the effort necessary to try and win yourself a $75,000 college scholarship?

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